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Superior Music Mixing and Mastering in Atlanta, GA

PSMENT provides music mixing and mastering in Atlanta, GA, that will give your sound the harmony and balance it deserves. As a music producer, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure you get the most from your sound recording experience. Book your session with us, and we'll help you develop the ideal song.

Mixing Your Sound

Bringing all the elements of your song together is the process of mixing music. To get the right balance of instruments and vocals takes skill and a great ear. We can adjust any aspect of your song, from vocal effects to reverb and auto-tune. We can even take an artist you like and make you sound more like them. 

Our price for mixing a song is $300 with the two-track instrumental and $350 with track out instrumental. Mixing come with two versions and a radio clean edit version.

Mastering the Music

During this process, we master the final product to harmonize all the elements of your music to play across multiple media streams. This allows you to distribute your music on all forms of social media anywhere in the world. We can even create an album of your songs. If, in combination with mixing, our mastering service is $50 per song. If you only need our mastering service, the fee is $75 per song.

Call today to schedule some time with us to bring all the elements of your song together with our exceptional music mixing and mastering.